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All About Dogs: 50 Fun Facts

  • You can lower your blood pressure just by petting your dog!
  • The United States has the highest pet dog population in the world. Approximately 75.8 million in fact.
  • In a study done by scholars at the University of California, it was found that dogs can get jealous if they see their humans displaying affection toward something or someone else.
  • If your dog’s paws smell like corn chips, it’s most likely because dogs only have sweat glands in their feet! That smell is their natural body odor.
  • Dogs can hear about four times the distance as humans.
  • Dogs are NOT colorblind. They can see blue and yellow, too.
  • Just like human fingerprints, no two dogs noses are identical. 
  • There are an estimated 600 million dogs in the world; 400 million are estimated to be strays.
  • There are nearly 14.000 animal shelters and rescue groups across North America.
  • Dogs are pack animals and do not enjoy being alone.
  • Dogs can smell about 1,000-10 million times better than humans.
  • When dogs poop, they prefer to go in alignment with the earth’s magnetic fields. 
  • Dogs can be trained to detect changes in the human body — there are even seizure alert dogs, diabetic dogs and dogs that can sniff out cancer.
  • Service dogs are recognized in the U.S. as “necessary medical equipment.”
  • National Geographic’s Dr. Brady Barr measured a dog’s average bite force at 320 pounds of pressure per square inch.
  • The fastest dog breed in the world is the Greyhound.
  • Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest dog breed in the world. 
  • Dogs curl up instinctually to keep warm and protect vital organs.
  • Smaller dog breeds mature faster than larger breeds.
  • Whiskers are used as sensing devices; some dogs even use them to see if they’ll be able to fit into small spaces.
  • Dogs have wet noses because it helps to absorb scent chemicals.
  • Seeing eye dogs are trained to do their “business” on command-this way their owner can clean it up a bit easier.
  • Spiked collars were originally fashioned in ancient Greece to protect dogs’ throats from wolf attacks.
  • When dogs howl at each other, they adjust the pitch of the howl to sound more unique.
  • A dog can sense the earth’s magnetic field. It’s a big reason they’re so effective at finding their way home.
  • Dogs are capable of sensing drops in barometric pressure and shifts in static electricity field, which allows them to detect an approaching storm.
  • While humans have two eyelids, dogs have 3, which helps keep the dog’s eyes lubricated.
  • A male dog will usually prefer playing with a female dog. On the other hand, a female dog does not discriminate between sexes. 
  • A dog is four times more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior when consistently walked by a male. 
  • Male dogs raise their legs while urinating because they want to leave their mark as high as possible. This gives the impression that they are tall, thus intimidating.
  • Smaller dog breeds also tend to live longer than large dog breeds.
  • When overheated and panting, a dog’s sense of smell is reduced by as much as 40 percent.
  • Obesity is the most common health problem in dogs.
  • A dog’s vision is at it’s best right before the sun rises and sets. 
  • Newborn puppies have heat sensors in their noses so they can find their mothers while their eyes and ears are closed.
  • A large breed dog’s resting heart beats between 60 and 100 times per minute, and a small dog breed’s heart beats between 100-140.
  • 45% of dogs sleep in their owner’s bed.
  • Dogs have about 1,700 taste buds, compared to humans 9,000.
  • Dogs can recognize over 250 words, they can count to 5 and they can complete simple mathematical equations.
  • Contrary to popular belief shelter & rescue dogs aren’t just mutts. Approximately 1/3 of surrendered dogs are purebred.
  • Researchers discovered that dogs experience the same wave patterns we do when we sleep.
  • The average city dog lives 3 years longer than a country dog.
  • An estimated 1,000,000 dogs in the U.S. have been named as the primary beneficiaries in their owner’s will.
  • 70% of people sign their pet’s name on greeting and holiday cards.
  • The phrase “raining cats and dogs” originated in 17th century England when it is believed that many cats and dogs drowned during heavy periods of rain.
  • The oldest known dog breed is most likely the Saluki – originally trained by Egyptians to help them track game.
  • The world’s shortest dog breed is the Chihuahua.
  • Dogs judge objects first by their movement, then their brightness, and lastly their shape.
  • The longer a dog’s nose, the more effective their internal cooling system.
  • Dogs are all direct descendants of wolves.

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