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Indoor Games for You & Your Dog

Why play games indoors games?

There are many reasons why indoor games may be a better and safer choice than heading outside for a walk, a romp in the yard, or heading to the dog park. Some of the reasons why […]

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A Quick 411 on Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Canine Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy began as a treatment for humans in ancient times and expanded to include animals when racehorses began benefiting from seawater. Greyhounds dove in on the action to improve their strength and speed, as well as heal injuries from […]

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Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know


The most basic of commands, this is one of the first cues taught. Asking a dog to sit ensures a calmer more focused response to the next cue.


Other phrases used are watch, watch me, look. The focus cue provides the owner […]

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Introducing Your Dog to Your Newborn?

Your fur baby is used to being the center of attention, but that’s all going to change once he meets the family’s newest bundle of joy. His unique personality will play a big role in how he reacts to having […]

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Ways To Entertain Your Dog While You’re At Work!

Working dog moms and dads hustle every day to provide for their pups. Unfortunately, that means leaving those adorable balls of fur home alone for most of the day. The guilt is real, and few bosses accept, “But my dog […]

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Smile! It’s Pet Dental Health Month

Oral Health: Not Just For Humans

February is National Pet Dental Health month, and when your beloved pup is due for their oral health exam, there are usually always warning signs alerting you. From smelly breath, to lost teeth or even […]

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Pets & Our Mental Health

Never in a million years did I believe I would rely on my dogs the way I do now. Getting a dog for me was and always will be fun, exciting & memorable. But, the bond I have formed with […]

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2021 Resolutions for You & Your Dog

2020 is finally over (woo hoo)! and so, you’ve set the standards high and made a plan for your New Year resolution. Health, wealth and happiness, of course?! But have you considered your furry friends in your 2021 plans as well? Here […]

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How to Keep Your Pets Safe Over the Holidays

Typically, the holiday season is the time of year we gather the most with family and friends and sometimes, our fur friends accompany us in the festivities. We all want to have fun and be merry, but we also want […]

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Storm Preparedness Tips for Pet Parents

“Ever tried coaxing a petrified pooch out from underneath the armoire? Then perhaps you can understand the importance of advanced storm preparedness. Don’t wait until every second counts. Planning for pet safety and comfort before there’s a problem can keep panic to more controlled […]

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