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How to Reassure Your Dog You’ll Come Back

Whether your dog becomes anxious and turns to destruction when you leave, or you just can’t stand the sad look in their eyes when you walk out the door, there are ways you can help your fur babies feel confident […]

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2020 Resolutions for You and your Pooch

So, you’ve set the standards high and made a plan for your New Year resolution. Health, wealth and happiness? But have you considered your furry friends in your 2020 plans as well? Here are a few tips that will help you AND […]

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How to Pet Proof the Holidays

The holiday season is typically that time of year, which we gather the most with family & friends. And often times, our fur friends accompany us in some of the festivities and get-togethers. We all want to have fun and […]

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7 Habits of Inspiring Dog Parents

Yes, I am a crazy dog mom to the fullest-in a good way! You know, the ones that are obsessed with their dogs and love to talk about dogs, and schedule their lives around their dogs, have a career catered […]

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November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month

“Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.”

November is here which means it is time to celebrate Adopt A Senior Dog Month. Senior dogs tend to be overlooked in shelters or rescues due to their age […]

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Dangers of Entrusting Your Dog with Mainstream Dog Care Apps

“A California dog dad got a shocking surprise when a motion alert from his home security camera appeared on his phone. He watched in horror as the pet sitter he hired through the Rover app violently threw his puppy, Lucy to the […]

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CBD Oil for Pets: Can Hemp Help?

Pictured here is our client, Lola, who takes CBD oil for prevention of Epilepsy which is common in the Beagle breed

How Can CBD Oil Help Your Dog

The first thing most people assume or question when they hear about CBD oil […]

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Holistic Options for Anxious Dogs

What is Anxiety in Dogs?

In today’s society, anxiety is a common epidemic found in people, but now we are also seeing it first hand in our pets. It is a disorder that many pet owners, as well as their pets, […]

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Why Having a Dog is Good For Your Health

Dogs not only bring joy to our lives, but current research finds that having a dog is good for our health and overall well-being. There are constant studies analyzing the human/dog bond and provided below are many reasons and explanations […]

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Canine Hydrotherapy for Your Dog’s Overall Health

How Hydrotherapy Can Change Your Dog’s Life for the Better

Not long ago, our sister company, Dip’n Dogs Canine Hydrotherapy, had a new client come to them interested in hydrotherapy for their dog. This woman’s 10 year old senior dog was […]

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