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Client Information Form

Walk’n Dogs Client Profile Form
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Please complete this form for all appointment based services.




Does your dog have problems with bowel and/or bladder control? If yes, please describe.

Does your dog have any sensitive areas on his/her body? If yes, please describe.

Please describe your dog’s basic personality and temperament. For example, is he/she outgoing, shy, etc.

Does your dog have any emotional or behavioral issues we should be aware of?

If yes, please describe so we can better understand your dog’s boundaries and help him/her to be as
comfortable and confident as possible during our sessions together.

What are your dog’s normal daily activities?

What type and how much exercise does your dog get?

What are your goals for your dog as they pertain to services provided by Walk’n Dogs?

Is there any additional information you would like us to know?

NOTE: Always let us know of any health changes to your dog or any changes in your personal information.