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Dangers of Entrusting Your Dog with Mainstream Dog Care Apps

“A California dog dad got a shocking surprise when a motion alert from his home security camera appeared on his phone. He watched in horror as the pet sitter he hired through the Rover app violently threw his puppy, Lucy to the ground.

Lucy was seen by a veterinarian, and is expected to be fine, but it certainly raises questions as to the safety of using pet care apps such as Rover and Wag.

Wag and Rover are often compared to “Uber for dogs” due to their ease of use. But fast and convenient may not be good things when it comes to the care of your beloved pup.

In April, CBS News reported the death of a blind senior pooch named Mooshu who fell from a two story porch while in the care of a Rover pet sitter. The owner was offered $2,600 towards the cost of Mooshu’s vet bills and cremation as well as the cost of a new dog, if she signed a non-disclosure agreement.

She declined and became one of 14 families to speak with CBS about the deaths of their dogs while in the care of Rover or Wag sitters. One dog parent discovered her Rover sitter had a criminal record, another caught her Wag walker on surveillance video kicking and intimidating her dog.

Users of both apps were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements after their dogs were injured or killed while in the care of Wag or Rover employees.

Rover told CBS that the well-being of pets is their “top priority” and they are “continually working to improve safety.” Similarly, Wag reported that they are “committed to constantly improving their service” and “care deeply about the safety” of dogs.

Pet care industry expert, Carmen Rustenbeck says these companies are adopting more regulations, but for now, she recommends dog parents seek out licensed professionals.” THIS ARTICLE WAS SHARED FROM: Iheartdogs.com

“Just pasting a badge on the website is not going to work anymore, they’re going to have to back that up with some kind of training,” Rustenback said. “If you had a child, would you just accept a person on an app to take care of your child? Or would you do more investigation? And that’s what I encourage all pet owners to do.”

Steps to Take to Ensure your Pets are being cared for by your Dog Walker & Dog Sitter:

  • Hire an experienced, trustworthy, licensed & ensured SMALL business
  • Purchase a camera you can keep in your home to supervise your dog care providers visits
  • Ask your dog walker for their recommendations, references and/or testimonials from past and current clients
  • Have a trial period with your hired dog walker/sitter to make sure they are a good fit for you and your dog
  • Go for a test walk and establish a “Meet and Greet” before hiring anyone to come into your home and care for your dog
  • Ask logical and situational questions
  • Require that your dog(s) need to be walked alone and not with other dogs. This ensures their safety and maintains focus solely on your dog
  • Keep in constant/consistent contact with your dog care provider during their visits & require pictures and updates of your dog
  • Trust yours and your dog’s gut instinct, vibe, energy, reaction, etc.

Why Choose Walk’n Dogs Services in Winter Park, FL

  • Rachel is certified in professional Pet Care, Canine Hydrotherapy, Insured, Trained and Experienced.
  • Rachel has years experience with canine care from Rocky’s Retreat, a canine health, fitness, daycare & boarding facility.
  • Highly experienced with shy, reactive and dog aggressive dogs.
  • Highly experienced with special needs dogs, senior dogs, and dogs who need medication.
  • Full and complete attention will be given to your dog (no distractions)
  • Easy & Flexible booking, you can call/text directly with Rachel at ANYTIME.
  • You will be confident your that your keys/codes are secure and seen only by Rachel and employees.
  • Guaranteed “Meet & Greet” before your first walk/visit to ensure you can provide any special instructions or information about your dog, as well as get to know your pet care provider.
  • Pictures taken and given after every walk (including details and any information deemed necessary).
  • Social media friendly! Your dog will be featured on our Instagram/Facebook Pages.
  • You are supporting a local, small business!

About Walk’n Dogs – A Dog Walking Company | Altamonte Springs, FL

Rachel has been working in the Pet Care Industry for the last few years and started her career in a local Canine Health & Fitness Center that also incorporated canine hydrotherapy, dog daycare & boarding. While working at Rocky’s Retreat, under the previous ownership of Sherri Cappabianca and Toby Gass, Rachel became certified in canine hydrotherapy and they taught her everything she knows about canine care, hydrotherapy, health and fitness.

Rachel is currently the owner/founder of Dip’n Dogs Canine Hydrotherapy and Walk’n Dogs – A Dog Walking Service in the Orlando, FL area. Dip’n Dogs provides water therapy for dogs with any orthopedic condition, degenerative disease, injury or obesity. Walk’n Dogs provides in-home visits for dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi and pet errands. Each service is customized to fit each dog and their needs. Rachel caters to the Winter Park, Baldwin Park, MaitlandCollege Park, Altamonte Springs and Casselberry, FL areas.

Rachel is also the owner and dog mom to her two beagles, Leo and Lola.

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