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Dog Care Services

We accept payments via Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, Check or Cash.

Hours of Operation include: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Weekend days & times are available as well (standard fees apply).

Dog Walking

Birdie & Bogey out on their daily walk

Individual Dog Walks

20 Minute Walk: $25

40 Minute Walk: $35

Price valid for up to two dogs at the same time.

All visits take place in your home & neighborhood. Duration of walks vary during high temperature seasons depending on each dog & breed. We send pictures and updates via text during every visit. 

We make every effort to walk your dogs during the time you prefer, however, we ask clients to allow an hour window before and after your preferred time (creating a two hour window) for unanticipated delays such as an unruly or uncooperative pet, medical emergency or traffic issue. 

Monthly Dog Walking Packages

Two Days a Week: $24 per walk

Three Days a Week: $23 per walk

Four Days a Week: $22 per walk

Five Days a Week: $21 per walk

Monthly package consist of 4 weeks. Price valid up to two dogs at the same time.

Let-Out/Potty Breaks

Gibson getting ready to eat lunch & have a quick potty break

15 Minute Visit: $17

This service entails a brief let out in your backyard or on leash, a feeding, medication administration, or hangout time. There is no fee for additional dogs. This service does not include a walk. We send pictures and updates via text during every visit. 

This service can also be booked multiple times per day. If you book two or more visits in a day, we offer this service for $15.

Dog Taxi & Errand Service

Shelby & Bailey on their way to the Groomers

Service Reservation: $30

  • Vet Appointments
  • Pet Store Runs
  • Medication Pick-up
  • Grooming Drop-off/Pick-up
  • Boarding Drop-off/Pick-up
  • Daycare Drop-off/Pick-up

This price is per hour with a minimum of 1-hour reservation per assignment. This visit includes shopping and delivery and does not include the cost of purchased items. 30 minutes of travel time is included in the price. However, travel time beyond 30 minutes will be subject to the hourly rate. We send pictures and updates via text during every visit. 

Vacation Drop-In Visits

Presley & Riley hanging out at home during their Vacation Drop-in Visit

20 Minute Visit: $20 

Two visit booking minimum per day, this service includes one AM visit and one PM visit. This is not an overnight service. Hours of operation for this service include 7am to 11pm. We send pictures and updates via text during every visit. 

Dog Running

Dallas on his weekend morning run!

15 Minute Run: $30

30 Minute Run: $55

We arrive at your home to run your dog in your neighborhood, with each tailored to your dog’s needs and ability. This service is temporarily available ONLY on weekend days during the hours of 7am-9am and 6pm-7pm.


Max taking a walk with us on a Sunday

Weekend Walk (Saturday/Sunday between 9am-5pm): Add $5 per visit

Weekday Evening Walk (5pm-7pm): Add $5 per visit

Weekday Morning Walk (7am-9am): Add $5 per visit

Holidays and Holiday Weekend Walks (9am-5pm): Add $10 per visit

Pet CBD Oils

Leo, Walk’n Dogs owner’s beagle, takes CBD to prevent Epilepsy

Small Breed oil(up to 25lbs): $20

Medium Breed oil(25-75lbs): $40

Due to federal regulations, we cannot sell CBD oil via our website. Please contact 407-227-0030 or to place your order. We deliver locally in the Orlando area and can ship nationwide.