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Pet Concierge/Errands/Taxi

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Not enough hours in the day? Are mundane but necessary tasks sucking your valuable time? How much is your time worth? Our errand service, uniquely focusing on items related to your pet and home, can help manage your pet care responsibilities. By whittling down your pet or home care-related "to-do" list, we help you become better pet owners allowing you to spend your precious time with your pet.

Errand services include the following:

  • Pet food, medicine and supply runs at pet stores or veterinary clinics. We also provide delivery of these products to your home.
  • Grooming Appointments, Vet Appointments, Daycare or Boarding Drop-off
  • Dog Park Outing, Playtime, Playdate meetup
  • Hang out with your pets for an "extended" time

This price is per hour with minimum 1-hour reservation per assignment, includes shopping and delivery and does not include cost of purchased items. 30-minutes of travel time is included in the price. However, travel time beyond 30-minutes will be subject to the hourly rate.

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