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Ways to Pamper Your Pooch on a Budget

Ever wondered how to give your dog the best pampering, without breaking the bank? Luckily, what our dogs value most is something money can’t buy – and that’s love and attention. But, if you’re looking for something more, because you know in your heart your dog deserves to enjoy their life and participate in more fun activities, stay tuned for some great ideas for the dog lover on a budget!

Home-cooked Meal

Instead of your dog’s normal every day food, whether its kibble or raw or even homemade-switch it up! Prepare for them a new, delicious and nutritious home-cooked meal. Not only will it make them swoon even more over you, it can save you some money. Just be certain to avoid ingredients that are not dog-approved like this list here. The internet is full of recipes for dog appropriate meals on Pinterest, google and even other dog blogs! Click Here for some fun ideas! 

Massage Away

Simple as that, give your dog a massage. You are in fact your dog’s favorite person, and if they love touch from anyone, it’s for sure you! It doesn’t require a certification and will make your dog feel special to have an extended “petting” session. Don’t worry about the quality of the mass safe, just know it is meant to give your dog a nice, relaxing rubdown and strengthen the bond between you two. Click Here for some fun ideas! 


This may not be the best choice if your dog isn’t a fan of the bath-time, but for those that don’t mind getting wet and warm, a bath can definitely be special! Simply hanging out with them in the bathroom, gently massing the bubbles and washing the worries away, you two will be even more thankful you have one another. 

Teach a New Trick

Some dogs – and owners – may think of training as just work, but for a dog who loves to learn, training can be a fun experience! Learning a new trick can give your dog confidence and stimulate their mind. Not only that, but for a few minutes he’ll have your complete, undivided attention – which they love more than anything. Consider even agility, nose-work, herding, scent class, dock-diving or fitness swimming! Click Here for some fun ideas! 

Home-cooked Snacks

Whip up some yummy homemade snacks and treats. The internet is full of treats for all kinds of dogs, ages, breeds, behaviors, health, etc. Be sure to only use ingredients that are safe for dogs and will keep their body happy AND healthy. Click Here for some fun ideas! 

Go on an Outing

For this idea you can take your dog out to a local park for a special one on one playtime or stroll. You can even just take your pooch for a fun car-ride and let them take in the smells, sounds and sights of town. Your pup will get his socializing in, have the ability to explore and spend time with his favorite person in the world. An idea too, for dogs who can be around other dogs and possibly crowds, always check and see what free events are going on in your city. There are SO many things to do for free with your pup and you’ll be sure glad you did. It could bring an opportunity to meet new friends human and canine! And be sure to pack the homemade meal and treats, to make it extra special.

Walk It Out

Something as simple as a walking in a new park or neighborhood could lift a dogs spirits. New sights, new smells, new sounds- it would be a completely new adventure for your pup to peruse. Regular dog walks improve your dog’s mental health and physical well-being. Also, having your dog walked regularly, familiarizes them with their surroundings and will increase their comfort and behavior at home, as well as deepen their trust with you.

DIY Toys

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest or online blogs for DIY dog toys. Complexity level is based on each owners preference- you can either tie a knot in an old pair of jeans or braid an intricate corded Frisbee. Whatever your dog prefers and whatever interests you, make the task at hand a fun project together and try not to make it complicated-Simple is best! Click Here for some fun ideas! 

Game On

Most, if not all dogs at some point in their life, love to play! And playing with their favorite person is even more special for them. Instead of the normal game of fetch, try something new like Hide & Seek or Treasure Hunt. This will keep your dog mentally stimulated and make her happy to be with her owner. There are SO many dog games to purchase now-a-days or you can even come up with your own fun game. Again, simple is best! Click Here for some fun ideas! 

Arts & Crafts

Creating a homemade craft with your dog’s own special artistic touch won’t just give you a fun afternoon, it’ll give you a keepsake that will last years – even after your dog has crossed the rainbow bridge. A fun craft project to do “with” the dog would be to whip up a batch of salt dough and make a plate with the dogs paw print. Another fun project is to dip the dogs paw in non-toxic paint and imprint it on canvas. Make sure to wash the paint off the paw really well-it may be non toxic, but it may still make certain dogs sick. Also, very important to remember, always purchase safe and non-toxic materials for your crafts and toys projects. Click Here for some fun ideas! 

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